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Dr. Melone, Greg, Garrett, Pierre, Joel, Celia, Cecilia and everyone else in the office:

Thank you so much for the great care that I have received before, during and after my MCP surgery. You all have been so kind and thoughtful, patiently answering my questins and addressing my husband’s and my concerns. You communicate how much you care about your patients. During most office visits, Greg, Garrett, Joel and Celia stopped in to check on me. We really appreciate all your support. Thank you for all that you do for us and for so many people. Most of all thank you for helping me regain hand function post surgery.

Dear Dr. Melone:

“One year ago today, you operated on my left hand, removing a cyst and shaving a bone spur in addition to tightening tendons. One year later I am 95% and owe it all to you. Thank you”.

All the Best.

Dr. Melone,

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day! With gratitude and prayers every day for giving me back the use of my right hand in July 1996”.


Your happy patient.

Dear Dr. Melone, Gregg, Joan and Cecilia:

“How extraordinarily grateful I am for the care you have extended to me. You are, by far, one of the most top-notch teams I have ever dealt with. I wish to thank everyone in the office who has played a part in helping to heal me”.

With Warmest Regards,

Your grateful patient.